Thrifty Premises

Posted 29 Sep 2015

Client Thrilled With New Christchurch Home

Christchurch - Thrifty Car Rental of New Zealand has new premises, thanks to land sourced from Calder Stewart Development’s AIRSPACE land portfolio, combined with construction services provided by our Christchurch construction team. The client is well pleased with their new 600m² home, located just to the southeast of Christchurch International Airport. Started late last year, the project was handed over by Development Project Manager HARVEY TYLER in late August this year.

“More than happy!” best describes Thrifty’s reaction to the project’s turnaround, according to Harvey. “The project itself is modest in size, but that did not keep us from attending to schedules and following through on details. These included obtaining airport authority permits for our boom crane, which had to be kept to an agreed upon maximum working height, due to airport runway changes. And this was weather dependent, so we needed to be vigilant on a daily basis.”

The facility includes a call centre that drives Thrifty’s business and operations. Installation of a fuel dispenser with 10,000 litre ULP storage tank required scheduling around an Australian subcontractor brought in on the build. The building itself is fabricated from precast concrete panels, with a number of panels cast on site to expedite the build. The facility has the capacity to store 210 cars and has some unique features, such as an automatic car washing system. Environmental and safety considerations were another big factor in this project, where sump and drainage pumps were fitted with Enviropod filters to catch sediment and where the fuel system was fitted with a protection system.

Seen as a whole, the project bears the signature of a classic Calder Stewart Design and Build, combining the capabilities and talents of our development and construction teams.