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Posted 16 Apr 2015

CHEP New Zealand Turns to Calder Stewart for Solutions

Dunedin - Construction was recently completed an office and warehouse development for CHEP New Zealand in Dunedin. The work was commissioned by Port Otago’s property subsidiary Chalmers Properties Ltd.

“Calder Stewart has been working with Port Otago for over 18 years,” says DONALD STEWART. “Our team has worked on a number of key projects for them. The fact they keep coming back is testament to our work - it’s our design and build approach - and how we consistently deliver in terms of quality and efficiency.”

CHEP had unique requirements, as outlined by CHEP Service Centre Manager SHANE WRIGHT.  They needed to store extremely heavy loads, so it was crucial they had adequate flooring. The land in the area they wanted to build on was unsuitable for what was required, and this provided a challenge. Donald and his team consulted with geotechnical specialists and structural engineers. The approach they went with was a ‘raft floor slab’, a very thick floor, heavily reinforced, that essentially floats.

Also challenging were interior height restrictions around pallets CHEP needed to stack and store. Calder Stewart worked very closely with the Fire Service to find the best solution for this. The approach is innovative and novel, and involved installing laser beams which trigger alarms at certain heights.

Calder Stewart is all about finding the best solution. The Dunedin team, particularly TONY ABERNETHY and COLE BARDWELL were essential in getting the job done.